Liberal scum

Paul Jacob points out a pair of uncompassionate liberals:

When Kerry was in a tough 1996 race for his U.S. Senate seat, Jeff Jacoby reported, “During the previous six years, it turned out, Kerry had given less than $5,000 to charity — a minuscule seven-tenths of 1 percent of his gross income for the period.”

The Democrats’ 2000 standard-bearer, Al Gore, proved no better. His 2000 tax return on an adjusted gross income of $197,729 listed charitable donations of $353. When eyebrows were raised, Gore’s spokesman explained, “Contributing financially to charitable organizations is certainly noble and should be encouraged and is something that the Gores have done when the resources were there. However, to truly judge a person’s commitment to helping others, you need to consider what they have done with their lives and how they have spent their time — and by that standard the Gores are extraordinarily committed.”

And yet, both men love to tell you how much they care… and imply how morally superior they are. What a pair of despicable jokes. Anyone dumb enough to have supported these charlatans should be deeeply, deeply embarrassed.