Nation-state vs global state

Chuck Baldwin sees the light:

Let’s get real. The political battle between conservatives and liberals is no longer an issue worth discussing. Except for rhetoric, there is little substantive difference between them. The hype, scare tactics, and fear mongering used by both sides is merely for the purpose of raising money and electing people to positions of power. However, neither side has any real plans to change public policy or the overall direction of the country.

How long have we voters heard Democrats and Republicans warn us of the imminent dangers of the other party while assuring us that they and they alone can be trusted to save the country? It’s the same redundant message every two years, and has been for as long as I can remember.

However, the grim reality is, no matter who we elect, no matter which party controls Congress or the White House, the direction of the country doesn’t change. Fundamental liberties continue to be lost, the federal government continues to burgeon, and America continues to evolve into a socialist-Fascist society.

Furthermore, that people call themselves Christians also matters little. The Religious Right moves in lock-step with the socialist- Fascist direction of the country along with the godless left. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether a politician claims to be conservative or liberal, Christian or unbeliever (which, of course, hardly any politician claims to be). Nothing changes.

What Americans must come to understand is that there is really only one issue that counts today: will America be an independent, sovereign nation or will it become part of a global empire complete with global government and a global economy?

Finally, it seems that most of the off-Broadway commentariat is beginning to understand the genuine issue of the day. The mainstream media won’t touch this yet, not until they start openly cheerleading for a continental American superstate, but it will be interesting to see which “conservatives” will defect to the nationalist cause and who will remain in the anti-American globalist camp.