Vote until you get it right II

M Chirac is expected to react to a French “non” by promising to listen to the people before making a second attempt at ratification.

He and other “yes” campaigners have said repeatedly during the campaign that there is no “Plan B” if the treaty is rejected and that there would not be a second referendum.

But one option being discussed in senior diplomatic circles is for candidates in the French presidential election in 2007 to promise to ratify the treaty in parliament rather than by referendum.

Remember this when you’re told how important your vote is, how you don’t dare “throw your vote away”. Democracy is a sham; it exists only to provide cover and protection for the ruling elite, who took the lesson of 1789 to heart. The ruler that does not at least appear to bow to the will of the people will fall.

But when it comes to what the elite considers truly important, they’ll cast off the pretense in a heartbeat in order to get the necessary business done.