The Ultimate Reality Show

Chald the Elder suggests a TV show even I would watch:

Start off with a bunch of contestants and let the public vote each week to narrow down the field and eventually pick the crew. Show them going through training. Show the launch and their continued adventures as they hurtle through space. You think people on the Real World get up in each other’s faces? Imagine being stuck in a spaceship with seven or eight strangers for the REST of your life. We’re talking ratings gold here baby.

I don’t know about the technical considerations for building a ship that could undertake such a journey. But then again I ain’t a rocket science, I’m an ideas man. Anyway those pointy headed geeks at NASA should be able to work out all of those sort of details. That’s what we’re paying them for, right?

Genius. Pure genius. Of course, it would come at a tremendous cost to humanity when their descendants returned one hundred thousand years from now and Honoured Matres unleash their awesome sexual powers to conquer and enslave us, but in the meantime, it would make for one awesome television show.

I feel, I said, I feel a novella coming on….