Now where have I heard that before?

Morgan of the Lake doesn’t get it:

I particularly enjoyed SB’s diatribe – which I guess was her only other significant intellectual contribution other than offering to be covered in oil. Then I realized that her italicized comments aren’t even hers! I’ve read the exact same words a number of times on other forums.

Yes, so have I. No doubt the plagiarizing little minx stole it from here.

Morgan adds:

To the people here who want to see women stripped of the vote, it’s never going to happen, no matter how bad you want it to. The women like SB and Jeanne who feel too stupid to make such decisions always have the option of not voting and I’m sure they will.

This actually made me laugh out loud. You see, Morgan, it absolutely will happen, in fact, we are on the track to this now, although not in the manner I have recommended. Once women are successful in realizing their goal of establishing a government where collective security is finally given firm precedence over individual liberty, one of three things will happen.

1. All voting will permanently end. This is the Chinese/German/Kampuchean model.
2. Voting will not only be permitted but required, but voting is meaningless as it is nothing more than a legitimizing stamp on the ruling party. This is the Soviet/Zimbabwean/Egyptian model.
3. Voting for a wide variety of parties will be permitted, but voting will be meaningless since all significant legislation will be passed by a superlegislature of unelected bureaucrats. This is the new European Union model.

I would say that we have quietly evolved into a crude variant of (2) while all indications are that we are headed quickly towards (3).