Mailvox: obviously new

Morgan of the Lake reveals a few gaps in her knowledge:

No, in Vox’s defense I didn’t read Nathalie’s original comment. But still, I expect someone who touts his Mensa credentials like [supersecret identity deleted] does to be so willing to roll in the gutter with his detractors. And you got me, Crystal. I can’t help but like someone who treasures the right of women to vote. On this board I think that makes two of us.

1. Tout: Definition: brag
Synonyms: acclaim, ballyhoo, boost, herald, laud, plug, praise, proclaim, promote, publicize, push, show off, steer, tip, tip off, trumpet

I don’t think a single mention at the bottom of my WND bio fits this definition at all. Do you see any prominent mention of it on my web site or my blog? I find it interesting how I am always considered to bragging about one of my memberships, but never the other two which are mentioned in the same sentence. It is, of course, nothing more than simple insecurity on the part of my critics.

2. It may come as a surprise to her, (assuming that Morgana left out the word “don’t” before “expect”), I will cheerfully engage with pretty much anyone at pretty much any level. I’ve engaged in public debates with famous authors, fought on stage in front of a crowd in night clubs and interviewed the man I consider to be the greatest living novelist. Steel sharpens steel both intellectually and physically.

3. Voting is vastly overrated as it takes place in most recognized tyrannies, is not a right and is suspiciously similar to the form of brainwashing that involves forcing the victim to confess what the brainwasher intends to become his reality. Two-party representative democracy is a sophisticated form of tyranny disguised as freedom that one will find nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Depriving women of this “right” is very much akin to refusing to allow them to sell themselves into slavery; that, too, is a restriction on their ability to act.

I daresay that the majority of people on this blog disagree with me on this issue. That’s fine, if all my ideas were warmly embraced by all and sundry, I’d be shocked.

4. Follow the Latin into Greek, my little maleducated donnicciola. The very name is not only an announcement, it’s a joke. On would-be outers like yourself.