Not the greatest loss

Walking on Coals is concerned about the apparent burning of two Edvard Munch paintings, including Skrik (Scream):

The Munch masterpieces “The Scream” and “Madonna” have been incinerated, according to newspaper Dagbladet, citing criminal sources and a top secret police report. The paper claimed Thursday that the paintings were destroyed in order to get rid of damning evidence as the police investigation closes in on the culprits behind the robbery.

Investigation leader Iver Stensrud of the Oslo police said he had no knowledge of the supposedly secret report acknowledging the destruction of the paintings.

While I deplore the loss of anything of historical value, I can’t pretend that I consider the potential destruction of those kitschy crayola-like creations to be a massive human tragedy.

Still, they’re more original than most art these days and I would certainly have preferred to learn that someone had torched a few of the disembowled cows and elephant dung creations that are currently in vogue.