K-Lo posts the Gunning Fog Index of NRO’s writers:

11.03 Frum
10.94 Murdock
10.60 Ledeen
10.58 Hanson
10.12 Derbyshire
10.11 Novak
9.59 Buckley
8.77 Nordlinger
8.47 Brookhiser
8.44 Coffin
8.00 Seipp
7.90 Blyth
7.82 Kudlow
7.62 Lopez
7.07 O’Bierne
6.91 Goldberg
6.64 Lowry
6.52 York
6.32 Stuttaford

Curious to know where I stacked up with this fine collection of conservative and neoconservative writers, I ran my last ten columns through the index. Average: 14.69, with three of the ten maxing out at 17. That’s right, I am more than twice as unreadable as Jonah Goldberg. Clearly, I need to make more Simpson’s references if I want to get invited on Tucker Carlson’s show.