Mailvox: acts of the modern apostles

JJ finds a new home:

Leftist/socialist Christianity has always been a pet peeve of mine. If even an atheist libertarian can see certain basic truths of God’s world (even if not all), then the Christian socialists are at best misguided syncretists with a godless philosophy, or at worst rubes of Satan.

I’ve got to grit my teeth when people bring up the Acts verse “…they lived together and shared everything…” without understanding the context or results (especially multiplying those results by about a million people).

Why grit your teeth? Next time, burst into tears, smile like a Hare Krishna on good hashish, give them a big hug and tell them that you just have to get a few things together before you’ll be over at “our” house by seven o’clock.

Then ask if they have any underwear you can wear. Tell them you prefer thongs.