How to get chicks the Democrat way

Another sad, socially challenged individual thinks women get turned on by voting:

Yeah … you’re really persuading people with your half-assed immature polemics preached to the choir there, Vox. I’m sure you get all the girls with that haircut. Nothing turns a girl on like telling her she shouldn’t vote.

I have to be honest, when I first saw this exchange, I was tempted to tell Orac to ignore this moron. But then I decided, screw it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about free speech, but do we really have to suffer fools like this by taking the polite high road? I, for one, have decided to take a stand by describing how unbelievably stupid this sort of trash-talk is. If they have the freedom to criticize others for criticizing them, then I should well have the right to criticize him as well.

In that spirit, I’d like to leave this message for Vox Day: You can rant and justify and justify it all you want, the fact is you will never be a journalist. You will never have the intelligence, ethics, and above all veracity to make it as anything more than vile bile-spewing columnist in a fringe ultra-religious right-wing website, so enjoy this moment because this is as good as it’s ever going to get for you.

I certainly hope I’ll never be a journalist, because I’d have to take a serious paycut. And given that I have the respect of both right- and left-wing journalists who exchange email with me on a regular basis, I’m not exactly concerned about the advice of a low-wattage slug on a Snickers-and-Pepsi diet on how to score chicks.

You see, mon cher Natalie, as you should know, women like the following things, in order: 1) Fame. 2) Power. 3) Money. 4) Looks. 5) Charm. You’ll note that politically correct opinions are nowhere on the list. I could walk into Saint Kate’s, give a speech on how women should not be allowed to vote and exit with a fistful of phone numbers from starry-eyed liberal women, although the lovely Spacebunny is unlikely to grant me permission to do so simply to prove a point.

If WorldNetDaily is fringe, then what does that make Salon? WND has far more readers and, interestingly enough, doesn’t go bankrupt every six months. And when has any left-liberal, anywhere, EVER taken the high road. I’ve got hundreds of emails proving rather conclusively that they don’t.

So, my dear Atkins candidate, go hit the weight room. Go on a few dates. Learn how to interact with worthwhile women, not the ugly, incipient lesbian fag-hags that inhabit collegiate activist circles. Then, get back to me and tell me where you went so horribly wrong.