Sex ed in Florida

A public school teacher provides a little too much help after class:

[Daniel] Cliatt is accused of raping a 13-year-old repeatedly after school, at school, every day for months. Cocoa police say the 29-year-old, 360-pound sixth grade teacher started by showing the boy pornography, then moved to sex acts, almost 100 of them. That didn’t stop until, police say, another teacher walked into Cliatt’s classroom Friday after school.

“At first, she walked in and didn’t know what she was seeing. But she ran out and grabbed a supervisor,” explained Detective Barbara Matthews, Cocoa Police Department.

Cliatt has been a teacher at Endeavour Elementary School for five years and he’s worked there for 10. The school district is already planning a termination hearing.

Too bad Cliatt doesn’t work in Detroit. He’d still have his teaching job. I’m only surprised the other teacher turned him in.