Nomenclature and new additions

A few things. One, there’s five new additions to the Reader Blogroll, (on the right, scroll down), so check them out if you’re so inclined. They are: Bulletproof Pimp, The Psyclop’s Lair, Exile From Hillary’s Village, Liberal Quicksand and the upcoming Guest Blogger of the Week, Animate Matters.

Two, Reader Blogroll is boring, and I’m thinking of changing it to a term I noticed on Desert Cat’s blog, namely, the Voxosphere, except that sounds a bit too possessive, even bordering on demi-derigence. Since, as a good libertarian, I exert as little control as possible over anyone, EVEN, NAY, ESPECIALLY INCLUDING MY ROBOT, this may not be the optimal term.

Share your feelings….

Also, I’m contemplating putting out a collection of short stories. Rowena has been kind enough to provide me with another very pretty cover if I do so, and I’m interested in getting a rough idea of how many people would theoretically be interested in buying a 250-300 page trade paperback for $15. The OC has turned me onto some of the new publishing technologies and so there’s really no concern about being stuck with cartons of books any longer. Two-thirds of the stories would be from the PDB, the other third would be new.

Share your feelings….

And finally, the good news. The new keyboard did the trick and my ubermachine is back in full E-F-F-E-C-T otherwise known as effect. The bad news, however, is that I somehow managed to lose a new short story I’d written recently in my previous attempts to access the partition.

Probably not a bad trade, actually, when you think about it.