The courage of the faux conservative

Remember how I mentioned that you can usually tell what Ms Michelle Malkin is going to write about ahead of time? Well, I happened to read her column for the first time in months and I was simply shocked to see her come out strongly against forcing oral sex on handicapped schoolgirls. Be sure to tune in next week when she takes ferocious stands against gassing Jews and stealing candy from babies.

But like most neoconservatives, MSM doesn’t actually have anything to say on the issue. She simply recounts a specific example of what is not exactly a new problem – bad things happen in public schools – without ever coming within a gun-free zone’s range of the logical conclusion recommended by the estimable Fred Reed, namely, free the kids, raze the architectural monstrosities and issue hunting licenses on educators.

Never fear. In about fifteen years, we can expect this ever-timely faux conservative to discover the hot new phenomenon of homeschooling.