Mailvox: ideological inanities

CS writes in support of government executions:

You seem to play the relativist in that you are so disdainful of ALL government that you even descend to equating Communist regimes with the United States government. You also seem to lump in the the many “killings” by such regimes neglecting that they were not in any sense the execution of Biblically defined justice

You play to the lowest common demoninator when you use broad strokes to paint capital punishment by any and all types of government as “equal”. You also fail to neglect that Jesus Himself was a victim of capital punishment. In fact, He has been the only one who was truly innocent in that has ever been unjustly executed. Your wisdom my assured belief that liberals and libertarians kiss as the far Left meets the far Right.

Not only does CS embrace the assuredly asinine concept popular among left-wing academics that the ideological spectrum is circular – which makes the left-right lexicon irrelevant as well as allows these campus socialists of an international bent to wash their hands of responsibility for their nationalist kin – but he manages to trip over his own rhetoric in insisting that justice was served in every government execution.

This conflation of Original Sin with temporal justice is bizarre, but at least it is uncommon. What is rather more common, if equally wrong, is the idea that the states or the federal government are the least bit interested in justice. Does CS, or anyone, seriously believe that the same people who break their oaths to defend and uphold the Constitution – and the borders – can be relied on to provide justice?

I don’t think so.

Furthermore, I have never equated the US government with lethal socialist regimes; I have rather warned of a dangerous direction the USA increasingly appears to be headed.