Ladies and gentlemen, your public schools

From Drudge:

A 16-year-old disabled girl was punched and forced to engage in videotaped sexual acts with several boys in a high school auditorium as dozens of students watched, according to witnesses. Authorities are investigating and no charges have been filed in the alleged attack last month at Mifflin High School. Four boys suspected of involvement were sent home and have not returned to class.

Also, the principal, Regina Crenshaw, was suspended and will be fired for not calling police, school officials said. And three assistant principals were suspended and will be reassigned to other schools….

The girl was forced to perform oral sex on at least two boys, according to statements from school officials, obtained by The Columbus Dispatch. Part of the alleged assault was videotaped by a student who had a camera for a school project.School officials found the girl bleeding from the mouth. An assistant principal cautioned the girl’s father against calling 911 to avoid media attention, the statements said.

Yes, I’m sure reassigning those assistant principals is going to solve a lot of problems. If I’d been that girl’s father, that assistant principal would have been bleeding from the mouth himself.

But the school’s response should come as no surprise. After all, if people were forced to face the reality of what is happening in their child’s school, their consciences might not allow them to continue sending their kids there.