Mailvox: He doesn’t like gravity either

Shrubbery dreams of flying across a pink sky:

I’ve read up on the theory of political economy that you’ve pinned your hypothesis on and I flat out don’t buy it.

You mean the Law of Supply and Demand? Yes, well, the Marxians flat-out didn’t buy it either, and look where it got them. Circular-filed under Theories, Hopelessly Disproven.

1. Do you deny that the overall size of the labor force increased with the mass entry of women into the work force? Y/N

2. Do you deny that American real wages peaked in 1973? Y/N

3. Do you deny that when Supply increases faster than Demand, the Price falls? Y/N

Or perhaps you deny the notion that women are, on the average, predisposed to support collectivism? If so, I’d be interested in seeing a single electoral result where the candidate favoring smaller government enjoyed greater support from women than he did from men, or conversely, where the candidate favoring expanded government enjoyed less support from women.

Remember, the Gender Gap was not a negative term engineered by the Right, it is a positive term meant to describe the female preference for “progressive” politics. And by “progressive”, it is the progress of government expansion that is meant.