Ignorant and proud

The Fraters Libertas draw attention to the Star Tribune’s embrace of ignorance:

In a major blow to people who know stuff everywhere, the dominant newspaper of the Twin Cities has been legally prohibited from allowing people with knowledge and expertise to write news articles for them.

It sounds absurd, but it’s all true. From the pages of the professional journalists’ guild newsletter, evidence of what happens when unions attack:

An arbitrator has upheld the Guild’s grievance against management’s use of freelance “experts” to write news stories for the A and B sections of the Star Tribune. The Guild filed the grievance a year ago after a story by [WCCO TV] meteorologist Paul Douglas appeared in the Metro Section. Subsequent stories by Douglas appeared on 1A. This is a significant and unambiguous victory for the Guild.

Morons. But what can you expect from the Star and Sickle? By the way, I’ll be on with the Northern Alliance crew at 2 PM today.