They hate you, they really hate you

Fecalicious empathizes with an abortionette saddened by an unexpected encounter with reality:

I’ve just started a new job, as editor of As such, I’ve set up a Google news search for any item referring to feminist or feminism.While I expected to receive a fair number of stories that were anti-feminist, I have been saddened by how overwhelming the ratio is. I’d say at least three attacks for every positive or neutral story.

Is there any way to turn this around?

Short answer? No. What’s amusing is that feminists are such mindless herd animals that they have no idea how completely and utterly their foundational ideas are dismissed by most WOMEN. And they have nothing whatsoever to offer men who have not been neutered, which is why they find it so hard to find dates, much less husbands.

Worst of all, they are still, despite their best efforts, women, so they find themselves sexually drawn to the very Alpha males they despise ideologically. Only the supremacy of biology over belief explains how feminist freaks can happily become subservient members of cults with leaders that make Stalin look like a management-by-consensus guy without ever noticing the irony. For a more mainstream example, consider NOW and Bill Clinton. With this constant interior struggle bubbling beneath the surface, it’s no wonder that so many of them come off as total lunatics who can barely complete a sentence without spinning wildly out of control.

No matter how well-reasoned, opposition to their society-killing, scatter-brained ideology is always put down to personal inadequacies, usually a failure to score with women. In fact, every single time I write a column mocking feminism, I’m informed that I’m only bitter because women don’t wish to share their bodies, themselves, with me. Right, because women just loathe Lamborghini libertarians… one self-professed feminist even sent me a picture of herself “to prove that she wasn’t one of those ugly feminists”. (And she wasn’t, she was maybe a six. Maybe.)

That being said, Fecalicious is dead-on with regards to Professor Adams unconventional interpretation of readership as well as his ungainly attempt to segue into a fundraising appeal. And something about Worldview Weekend Branson Family Reunion gives me the shivers as well….

Still, we can forgive the good professor his failure to execute flawlessly in light of the fact that publishing that Canuck’s little hissy fit was good humor.