And here she thought the Internet was private!

Professor Mike Adams teaches that electronic information is for sharing:

Hi there! It’s Mike Adams – the guy you were just talking about in your Canadian feminist chat room….

“What can you do to fight such a thing? Townhall’s Doctor Professor Mike Adams, PhD is an inveterate liar who has been accused of making up correspondence from his supposed readership to advance his patently women-hating views (…there is some scuttle-butt going around that he’s in fact a self-hating homosexual who goes on ‘hunting’ trips with another suspected closet case and former-drug-dealer-turned-anti-feminist-mall-preacher/whacko Doug Giles).

I really wish that country had some respect for ethics in public discourse, but it obviously doesn’t.”

Well, now that you are reading the full text of your remarks – remarks you never expected to see broadcast in an internationally-read column – you are becoming painfully aware of the fact that I am not guilty of “making up correspondence” from a fictitious readership. Since anti-male feminist whackos really exist, there’s no need for fabrication.

I found it very interesting that once I started replying publicly to my hate mail, the volume dropped dramatically. People will still occasionally snipe around the perimeter, usually some clueless loser who doesn’t grok the nametag and is nearly wetting himself in his hurry to “out” me. But despite the increasing readership of both my column and this blog, the amount of hate mail is down more than 90 percent from before the first Mailvox appeared on WND.

And on a tangential note, is there any male columnist on the right who HASN’T been accused of being a secret homosexual by leftist lunatics? The inescapable conclusion is that outside of the realm of politics, where one is forced to make alliances where one can find them, the Left regards homosexuality as something extremely undesirable. No doubt this is why left-wing governments have historically placed gays up towards the front of the line for Schiavozation.

I mean, if they’re not going to breed and do their bit in creating the next generation of New Soviet Man or the Aryan master race, then where’s the benefit to society in keeping a bunch of evolutionary dead-ends around?