I know I’m stunned

From the New York Times:

American colleges and universities do such a poor job of training the nation’s future teachers and school administrators that 9 of every 10 principals consider the graduates unprepared for what awaits them in the classroom, a new survey has found.

Nearly half the elementary- and secondary-school principals surveyed said the curriculums at schools of education, whether graduate or undergraduate, lacked academic rigor and were outdated, at times using materials decades older than the children whom teachers are now instructing. Beyond that, more than 80 percent of principals said the education schools were too detached from what went on at local elementary and high schools, a factor that made for a rift between educational theory and practice.

Yep, good thing we have those professionals making sure that our children get educated. Can’t leave it up to their parents, we need PROFESSIONALS like these highly trained, highly intelligent education majors who possess the requisite teaching certificate from a school of education.

Or something….