Banning here, burning there

Most of you probably remember my contemptuous response to the Atriocities attempting to wax morally superior over my so-called anti-semitism. As I have said before, the idiocy of the Jewish leadership in America knows little in the way of bounds, as they go far out of their way to piss off the overwhelming Christian majority in this country by attempting to define everything openly Christian as illegal, anti-Constitutional and anti-semitic.

Meanwhile, in post-Christian Europe, things continue to literally heat up. I received a phone call from one of Space Bunny’s best friends a few minutes ago. She called to tell us that a synagogue very close to her husband’s parent’s house had been burned last night, as well as a Jewish-owned fabric shop. This was in Switzerland, of all places, not generally known as a hotbead of anti-semitic activity, although a rabbi was stabbed to death in Zurich four years ago.

If the Jewish leadership is ultimately successful in forcing Christians and Christianity out of American public and political life, they will learn to bitterly regret it. Not because Christians will seek revenge, but because non-Christian hatred for Jews will begin to blossom in America just as it has in Europe.