Ta-ta, Ticketmaster

Captain Ed is outraged by Mike Tice’s admission of ticketmongering:

Instead of working to boost that by improving as a coach, he decided instead to run a little criminal conspiracy with his players and his coaches. Even if that stopped when he became head coach, the inappropriate nature of his lockerroom racket should disqualify him from any leadership position (as if his on-field performance doesn’t already fill that ticket). Small wonder, then, that Randy Moss seemed to present such intractable discipline problems with the coaching staff setting this kind of example. They not only set the tone for the players, they may have exploited them to maximize their own profits.

Sheer idiotic greed. This is what the Vikings want us to buy with a publicly-financed stadium?

Criminal conspiracy, yes! I don’t have any problem whatsoever with Mike Tice scalping tickets, since every single coach in every single professional league, plus the big NCAA sports, does it. Anti-scalping laws are quintessential bad law; they are a violation of property rights and are rightly ignored by everyone. Tice denies he ran the scalping operation as head coach, but even if he did, so what? The league knows what’s going on and it’s obvious, considering that not every NFL player shows up at the Super Bowl and yet the stands are still packed.

Even so, I won’t shed any tears if this stupid non-scandal makes Tice’s position as head coach untenable. Anyone who is so slow as to run the ball less than 15 times per game against three of the worst run defenses shouldn’t be a head coach in the NFL. Tice doesn’t lack guts, which is why I expect him to ride this out, it’s a deficiency in the little grey cells that is the problem.

And speaking of little criminal conspiracies, I knowingly recycled my paper and plastic after the posted and permitted time last night. Settle down, ladies, I know how you love a rebel. What can I say? It’s just how I am.