That would be yes

Utah lawmakers want to leave home schooling as unregulated as possible. Legislators have approved a bill that blocks school boards from requiring that home-schooling parents meet minimum credential requirements and keep records of what they teach and of student attendance.Also under the legislation, school boards could not require standardized testing of home-schooled students….

Rep. Mike Morley, R-Spanish Fork, noted that three of the top students at Yale this year were home-schooled. “It would be difficult to hold public education to the same standard that home school is achieving,” he said. “In most standards, we judge our parents as competent and fit unless otherwise proved.” But House Democrats questioned the hands-off legislation home-schooling parents requested. “It sounds a little like: ‘We don’t want you involved or interfering in any way,’ ” said Rep. Carol Moss, D-Holladay, a retired high school teacher.

I’m not surprised Madam Moss finds it so difficult to ascertain the message the home-schooling parents were sending the Utah legislature. She is, after all, a former teacher.