Mailvox: abuse it, you lose it

Anonymous asks a few reasonable questions:

One thing I’d like to know from all opposed to abortion. If it become illegal — what should the penalty for women who have abortions be?

And what should the penalty for doctors who perform them be?

If you think abortion if murder — shouldn’t the penalty for having or performing an abortion be the death penalty?

Penalty for women who have abortions: imprisonment until menopause.
Penalty for doctors: medical license revoked, imprisonment for life.

That will end abortion very quickly. The very remote possibility of being shot by an activist appears to have caused the number of abortionists to drop significantly. Although the notion of giving the abortionist a fair trial and executing him via rope-and-equine quartering offers just appeal, I do not believe in the death penalty because given the history of the 20th century, it is demonstrably foolish to the point of insanity to grant the state the legal power to kill its citizens.