Semi-literate leftists

The Evangelical Outpost highlights a telling confession:

In a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, “Kos” Zuniga makes a rather candid admission:
“One of my dirty little secrets — I read very few books. In fact, the only time I read books is when I’m traveling, at the airport and on a plane. There are only two authors I have ever gone out of my way to read everything they’ve written — Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.”

Can anyone really say they are surprised by this revelation? Imagine that. The most overrated, largely unread, and inconsequential blogger’s favorite authors are two of the most overrated, largely unread, and inconsequential writers of American letters.

I’ve always found it very amusing that so many leftists, who often consider themselves highly intelligent and intellectual, are so poorly read. It doesn’t surprise me at all that The Daily Kos is a irregular reader on the Grisham-King-Clancy level, as most people are. There’s nothing wrong with it, except that’s a very strange foundation from which to assert intellectual elitism.