Mailvox: this amused me

Teresa raised an objection:

Great column, but you left out Laura Ingalls, who is a great conservative write, and definitely a good read.

To which I responded: “Yes, I loved LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS.”

She then replied:

OOPS, I MEANT “LAURA INGRAM”. I think I just demonstrated the point you were making in your article, Ha Ha!

Which was, of course, not the point at all. Women are perfectly capable of thinking, but sixteen-plus years of maleducation schools it out of the majority. Teresa apparently escaped this intellectual cauterization, as she demonstrates the ability to a) recognize her own mistake, and b) laugh at herself, two things that properly indoctrinated feminists notoriously lack.

As for Laura IngraHAm, while I’m skeptical that a radio host of either sex is likely to write anything of import – ever notice how these best-selling “writers” only have one or two books in them – I shall reserve judgment unless and until I actually read one of her books.