Mailvox: rapito quindi sono

GM weighs in on the erudition of Estrich:

My only exposure to the supposedly erudite Susan Estrich is from her appearances on Hannity & Colmes and the O’Reilly Factor. I believe she is a certified “Fox New Analyst”, a position aptly tailored to her ability to not allow objectivity to define the bulk of her arguments. As a disarming technique during debates, she often and out of context regurgitates the fact that she was raped as a young woman. The fact that she was raped is sad in itself, but what is downright lamentable is how this event charted a path for her that paradoxically led to a feminist crusade, a movement which only further exacerbated the subjugation of women.

I’ve never seen Estrich on Fox, probably because I seldom watch it anymore. There’s just one more good reason to pass on it. And here I thought only “conservatives” were allowed on FNC, don’t tell me that the Democratic Underground is stretching the truth again!

However, I have heard her bring up an out-of-context claim of rape victim status on more than one occasion myself and I must confess that I was quite surprised to read two emails and an article by her that didn’t manage to mention it. My theory is that she wants to remind everyone that once upon a time, someone, somewhere, found her attractive enough to violate. Let’s hope for her sake that her feminist sisters don’t remind her that rape only involves violence, not sex, or happens to pass on Maureen Dowd’s article about “slump busters” onto her.