Garbage In, Garbage Out

Datadave has some corrupted code clogging up the works:

the writing here stinks. Pretty much CATO Libertarian-Dad-paid-my-way-conservative-crappola, AynRand-inspired-RealityShow-watching-Slacker-non-mentalities. Now, Jesus save me. And ban the First Amendment is the mentality here. Libertarians joining w/ GWBush bible thumpers just proves Libertarians have no honesty nor integrity (which someone like Paul Krugman shows plenty of in his daring investigations of Alan Greenspan’s partianship and right wing attacks upon the working and middle class ….

so why did M. Dowd get denied a press pass when she gave equal harsh criticism of Clinton?

Where to start? One could do worse than to begin with the irony of the author of this little writing sample pronouncing judgment on the literary quality of anything. Or perhaps it would be more appropriate to draw attention his incorrect conflation of conservatives and libertarians? And then there’s the false accusations – the only First Amendment banners active lately are the leftists on the Harvard faculty.

As for Paul Krugman, the Keynesian champion is not only theoretically outmoded, he is the most reliably inaccurate columnist I’ve encountered in years. I recently read two of his books and he commits three or four major howlers in almost every chapter. The Krugman Truth Squad has assembled a list of his mistakes, (intentional and otherwise), so large that it is approaching library status.

But where Datadave shows his cluelessness most is readily apparent to everyone here. He’s so ignorant that he not only believes in the reality of the bifactional charade, but he assumes that since the overriding meme here is anti-leftist, it is therefore pro-Bush. Here’s a clue, GIGO: George Delano and Dear Leader are not intended to be complimentary.