Vox Daisies, Day Two

First, a correction is in order. My apologies to the two parties involved.

Most Likely To Segue Into Anti-Papism: ET (not EN, who is down with JPII)

Most Likely To Burst Into Song, (aka the Julie Andrews Award): JamieR

Most Annoying Comment Format: Chuck(le) Pelto

Most Likely To Go To Hell: The Atriocities

Best Reliance On Undeserved Divine Grace: Bane

Best Imputation Of Personal Dislike On The Part Of Vox: ajw308

Best Creative Spelling: Nate

Best Creative Grammar: Gregg

Best Reform Program For The Public Schools: Fred

Best Addition To The English Language: The OC

Best Obsession With High School Glory Days: Michael M

Best Negativity Towards A Sitting President: (tie) Ihatedashrub, VD

Most Likely To Get Linked From VP: The OC

Best Battle Cry: PORCUS

Best Imputation Of Sexual Deviancy: Soup

Best Confession Of Ubergeekdom: El Borak

Best Class Warrior: Cedarford

Most Likely To Get Audited: Whose Paranoid

Best Excuse To Take Out A Contract Hit: Digital Cowboy

Best Dramatic Exit: Glick7