A marketing disaster for Linux

The White Buffalo demands blogtime for gay penguins:

A German zoo has scrapped plans to break up homosexual penguin couples following protests from gay rights groups. The Bremerhaven Zoo had earlier flown in four female Humboldt penguins in an attempt to encourage three couples discovered to be all male to reproduce.

The zoo originally defended the experiment, claiming that the birds were an endangered species, but following protests from gay rights groups, director Heike Kueck has said that the zoo is abandoning the plan….

Gay groups had earlier protested against “the organised and forced harassment through female seductresses” in an open letter to Bremerhaven’s Mayor Joerg Schulz.

Forced harassment through female seductresses… it sounds like Big Chilly’s life story. I’m wondering if these penguins will be given honorary VQPF status or if the notorious Party Friends, (who are generally GLBT-friendly), are too speciesist to – ahem – ride the penguin.

We may have to rethink that Linux slogan, gentlemen.