Do what you do, win awards

CW has a suggestion:

This awards season got me thinking, “How about some Vox cred for your loyal readership?”. For example, in the catagory of:

Least Likely to Vacation North of the Mason Dixon – Nate

Best Home Arsenal – Nate

Longest Comments – Nick B.

Most Consecutive Comments – Nick B.

Most Layers of Tin-foil in His Hat – Me, maybe Dread

At year end, winners in each catagory would receive a statuette of Michelle Malkin, known as the Vox Daisy.

Statuette? I think blow-up dolls would be more appropriate, considering that rather unfortunate WND picture. And while I appreciate CW’s paranoia for the work of psychosocial art it is, it’s clear that it’s the Dread Pirate who wears the tin foil crown.

Other categories:

Most Likely To Weep During His Acceptance Speech: Bane

Most Likely To Segue Into Anti-Papism: EN

Most Likely To Have Photoshopped Fakes of Vox Sans Clothing: Zink

Most Likely To Have Actual Pictures of Vox Sans Clothing: White Buffalo

Most Likely To Get Banned In A Momentary Fit Of Pique: Bill

Most One-Track Mind: Crystal Lake

Most Intellectually Fearsome: Res Ispa

Best Left-Wing Sport (varsity): Franger

Best Left-Wing Sport (junior varsity): TimF

Miss Congeniality: Dystopia

Best Three Monkey: Craig