Dreams of a White Planet

I don’t see why people are making such a big deal about Chris Rock’s comments. First, if you’re the typical self-centered single guy, with all the morality of a Great White Shark, why in the name of the Black Goat’s one thousand young would you not be grateful for a free pass from undesired fatherhood? In days of yore, getting a woman pregnant brought the fun to an close; now, at the low, low price of $300 and one deceased Legally Subhuman Entity, it’s back to the circuses. And if you’re an adult lover of hot teen sluts unfortunate enough to knock up the attractive thirteen year-old from your social studies class, the vacuum will hide the evidence and the clinic will be happy to take a check from a concerned “uncle” without asking any questions at all.

It’s not just male predators who are enthusiastic about the beauty of abortion. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists must love it too. Think of all the damn Negroes who would otherwise be knuckling about the country and fantasizing about slaking their grunting gorilla lust on the pure sweet flesh of white women. Instead of one billion slant-eyed Chinks, we’d be stuck with two billion. The subhuman Slavic peasantry wouldn’t be shrinking if Russian women didn’t use it as birth control. And if JAPs from every East Coast university weren’t filling Planned Parenthood clinics, the Endlosung Mach II would be set back by decades. Ah, if only we could sell towel heads and sand monkeys on the concept, what a wonderful world it would be!

Clearly, abortion is beautiful.