Speaking of brilliance

The Original Cyberpunk waxes historical:

Does the name Quintus Fabius Maximus Cunctator mean anything to you?

How about Herbert David Croly?

Fabius “The Delayer” was the Roman general whose outnumbered legions faced Hannibal’s overwhelming army in the Second Punic War. To conserve his small forces he developed a battle doctrine that may be summarized as, “Never risk in direct confrontation that which you can achieve by stealth, patience, subversion, or harassment.” Initially thought a coward and a failure because he avoided contact with the full Carthaginian army, Fabius’s tactics ultimately proved quite successful, and in time he became an honored Roman hero and emperor.

Very good stuff. Go, thou, and read it. And while you’re there, you’re almost surely going to want to read his summary of the latest State of the Union address. It will make you want to weep the next time you slog through another eye-glazing National Review article or metaphor-abusing Townhall commentary:

Across the room, Wilson leaped to his feet again. “Yeah! Intervention! Nation-building! Bomb ’em ’til they love democracy! BRING IT ON!”

“And now he’s quoting little Franklin again. ‘Each age is a dream that is dying, or one that is coming to birth.’ Well, duh!”

On the big screen Junior was saying, “The fall of imperial communism was only a dream — until one day, it was accomplished.”

Ronnie finally frowned. “You’re welcome. Sure, mention FDR all over the place, but do I get a word of credit?”

“And the speech is over,” Teddy observed. “He’s off the podium, moving into the crowd, shaking hands, and — My God, did he just kiss Senator Lieberman?”

I nearly wet my pants at that last bit….