Mailvox: Call him Danaldo Rathera

WC shares a bit of history:

In Sept. 68′, my brother was with the 5th Special Forces HQ at An Khe, Vietnam. Dan Rather was reporting from there, supposedly at the front lines (fire base something or other). He and his cameraman were in a fox hole. Behind him, standing with a captured AK-47 was a SF Sgt. firing rounds into the air. Every time a round was fired, Rather would duck down as if he was directly under fire. Along with my brother were several ‘B’ teams and one ‘A’ team back from the boonies on rotation.

The SF press attache would have to keep moving the men back because their laughter was heard on Rather’s microphone. Evidently, Rather made the mistake of challenging one of the troops. As the Cpl moved forward toward Rather the attache hurried between them. What a shame. If he hadn’t have gotten between them, we might not have Rather to worry about today. My brother said Rather was a total coward, and hated the grunts even then. Keep up the good work with your articles!

Shades of another brave journalist, n’est ce pas?