Chickens coming home to roost

From the UK Sun:

United are trying to ward off violent threats from radical fans by opting for a cloak-and-dagger approach to [Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ owner] Glazer’s latest takeover bid. The United board are on standby to meet in secret at just a few hours’ notice to discuss the American tycoon’s £800million offer. They abandoned plans to assemble at United’s ground after around 500 fans gathered there in a hate-filled protest this week. The board are now likely to discuss Glazer’s bid at a hush-hush London location. No one is prepared to say when — but it looks set to happen today.

I would love to be there for the first ManU game at Arsenal and seeing the look on the United supporters’ faces when the crowd sings “Yankee Doodle Dandy” or whatever song will end up being chosen to mock the soon-to-be American-owned team. About the only thing that would upset them more is if a German bought the team.

And so the bill for all that title-buying finally comes due….

UPDATE: Or maybe not. A combination of boardroom opposition to any bid, plus an indication Cubic, the investment vehicle of Irish racehorse owners John Magnier and JP McManus, are not intending to sell their 28.9% stake leaves Glazer floundering on both pre-conditions laid out in the ‘proposals’ he presented to United last weekend.

Bankers JP Morgan have told Glazer they will only provide £300million funding for a takeover approach if the bid is recommended by the United board and he is also successful in securing 75% of the company – both of which appear unlikely.