The biggest hypocrites

From the New York Times:

Asked if Mr. Jordan had been under any pressure from the network to resign, Ms. Robinson said the decision had been his. She said Mr. Walton, the CNN president, was unavailable for further comment. Mr. Jordan did not return a message left on his cellphone seeking comment….

When reports of Mr. Jordan’s more recent remarks began reaching the United States via the Internet, some of his colleagues, citing the previous controversy, responded with palpable irritation and mystification, though not with comments they would permit to be attributed to them by name, given the sensitivity of the situation.

Isn’t it interesting how the very same people who scream like infants about the public’s right to know when someone doesn’t want to talk to them clam up immediately whenever they find themselves on the wrong side of the microphone.

Journalists, by and large, are poorly educated pond scum. And yet, some people still ask me why I go out of my way to make it clear that I am not one.