Dr. Kelly figures it out

Did you know that single men, aged 18-34, are among the strongest supporters of a woman’s right to choose? I have no doubt this is the exact same demographic that supports the legalization of prostitution in Germany and yes, are among the most common patrons of prostitution in America.

See any connection?

Guys, age 18-34, who are frequently lampooned for their inability to commit and lionized for the excessive exercise of their raging hormones, want women to be free to exercise their sexuality as well. Why? The obvious answer is to indulge men under the clever marketing ploy of unencumbered sexual freedom for women. Let’s face it. From Madonna to Britney Spears and Cat Woman, the most popular women in America, and around the world, are still celebrated for how well they satiate the sexual fantasies of men….

Truth is girls, almost every guy wants to date a bad girl and marry a good one.

Hey Kelly. Kelly! Shhhhhh!