All the better to disarm you, my dear

A nine-months’ pregnant woman fought off and killed a knife-wielding woman who may have been trying to steal the baby, police said Friday. Police said 26-year-old Sarah Brady acted in self-defense in killing Katherine Smith on Thursday. No charges were filed.

Smith, 22, had been falsely telling neighbors for weeks that she was pregnant, and a search of her apartment after her death revealed a full baby nursery, investigators said. “She had everything in place that you’d expect to have in place with a newborn coming,” said Steve Hensley, police chief in this Cincinnati suburb.

Nowhere in this story is it reported how a heavily pregnant woman could have fought off a woman with a knife, let alone killed her. Did she have a gun? I’ll bet she did. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the news media will not report the details when private individuals use guns to defend themselves.