No… don’ go

…my little wide-eyed, white-tailed doe! Glick7 feels the need for a fainting couch:

So Vox equates the US Army with “terrorists” who target civilians, children and women as a matter of policy.

Well Vox… GOODBYE….

Your bookmark is about to be erased… and it’s no wonder your bid for syndication failed.

One may have problems with the direction of one’s own government – but your comments are typical of those giving aid and comfort to an enemy in time of war.

… And I’m not even an American.

Adios Vox…. for good.

I always enjoy hearing from the literacy-impaired. First, the Iraqi occupation coalition is manifestly not bringing freedom or democracy to Iraq. Not a single element of either is even being contemplated, meanwhile, we don’t have a democracy here in the United States, we have an extremely limited version of it. LIMITED, capisce? And limited by government force not dependent upon the will of the people, you’ll note that when the will of the people is exercised in a referendum, state and federal judges lose no time in overruling and overturning it.

Second, it has been made very clear to all parties that the Kurds will not be permitted self-determination, the Sunnis will not be permitted self-determination and I strongly suspect that the Shiites will not be permitted any more self-determination than the Algerian and Turkish people are permitted when they vote for political leaders who are not supported by the military establishment. Voting is not a panacea, after all, there were votes in Kenya, the Soviet Union, the Palestinian Authority and the previous Iraqi regime as well. Were they all paragons of freedom and democracy too?

The present situation in Iraq is, admittedly, a very different situation than the tyrannical Ba’athist kleptocracy that previously ruled Iraq, and it is now certainly less lethal to the people of Iraq in and of itself, but it should never, ever be mistaken for genuine freedom of the sort that the Founding Fathers attempted to enshrine in the United States Constitution.

I have zero patience for the sort of individual who leaps at the opportunity to be offended, on his own behalf or that of others. If you wish to turn off your brain and amuse yourself by reading the regurgitated pap of government-funded PR specialists, then by all means, go forth and stultify. But, as always, I will continue to write as I see fit, even if that means my audience dwindling down to Space Bunny, the Original Cyberpunk and the occasional dislocated Hugh Hewitt fan.