Snow cats

And by cats, I mean pussies. I remember two days my senior year of high school when we had 23 inches of snow on one day and 24 the next. School was canceled the second day, but was right back on again the next day.

Space Bunny was watching Fox last night and I found myself marveling at the disaster-like tone of the reporting, until one of the reporters dramatically stuck a ruler in the snow and reported that although it wasn’t snowing at the moment, they’d already received THREE inches in Washington D.C. I’m only surprised they didn’t call out the National Guard and declare martial law.

I’m truly sorry, by the way, but when I heard about the incredible number of accidents taking place in North Carolina following a single inch of snow, my first thought was: no wonder the South lost. Driving on ice is really quite simple.

1. drive 65 percent of normal speed.

2. pump the brakes – tap – tap – tap – don’t stomp on them.

3. steer into the slide and switch when the back end does. It’s a rhythm thing.