Mailvox: a new term, a new moniker

Chuck is sensitive on the Dear Leader’s behalf:

…nobody enjoys a sore loser, compadre.

P.S. If you really must call someone “Dear Leader”, I’d suggest you emigrate to someplace they’ll appreciate it.

Who’s sore? I predicted George Delano’s re-election long before any of the pundits were willing to commit to a candidate, I never wavered from it throughout all the ups and downs of the daily polls and I was proven right in the end.

As for Dear Leader, I assert that it is the natural nickname for a second-generation political leader who, as William F. Buckley has opined, holds the right to rule unquestioned. Like Kim Jong Il, the president considers himself to be a friend of the Chinese government, is the primary symbol of a red state movement and believes in a powerful and activist central government.

It also fits the passionate way in which the Three Monkey sorts absolutely love the guy. I mean, Ronald Reagan was my idea of a near-perfect president, but the enthusiasm with which some conservative writers write about George Bush the Younger manages to put even the over-the-top Clintonistas to shame. Okay, maybe not the one reporter who was wishing she could have been in Monica’s place, but let’s be honest here; until her surprisingly skeptical piece on the inauguration we were all expecting something in a similar vein from Peggy Noonan.

But I do find it intriguing that the president’s defenders are already so sensitive that a deficiency of enthusiasm for him should be considered grounds for exile. Although I suppose that’s a step forward from the notion that a defiency of enthusiasm for Middle East nation-building should be grounds for execution.