Not dead yet, not entirely

Eponymous offers evidence that vestiges of humor do survive on the left side of the political spectrum:

Our gun-stockpiling, newslist-lurking Mystery Guest was indeed Dr. Professor Mike Adams, as Bill S. said. While Dr. Mike sounds increasingly nutty with each of these “letters” he shares with us, I imagine that the guns have to suffer through a whole lot worse. (Mike: “Colt, that snotty lunchroom cashier looked at me funny today, undoubtedly because I’m a conservative. But someday we’ll make them all pay, won’t we, Colt? It’s just you and me against the world!” The Gun: “Mike, I think we should see other people.”)

Okay, that made me laugh. It’s not quite up there with her classic take on Ann Coulter, but it was good. And it made me think: do we have any actual evidence that Julie is the oft-absent working mother that Nate claims her to be and not a talking gun? I’m just saying….