My readers don’t have sub-100 IQs

Lucky Ducky points out the obvious:

BTW – Atrios labeled his comment as sarcasm. Which pretty much makes me wonder why you tried this deflection.

Yes, Atrios had to because many of his readers aren’t intelligent enough to recognize it. In fact, I even had to define sarcasm for one Atriocity who didn’t understand the ironic aspect of the concept. Mine, on the other hand, are.

You’ll also note that I did not label my apology for taking $800,000 from the Department of Homeland defense, my confession of heterosexual necrophilia or my belief that the Vikings will defeat Philadelphia next week as sarcasm. Okay, that last actually isn’t sarcasm, just what may well be wishful thinking. Do you really think I have 800 grand in cash and a dead girl in the basement?

There are two possibilities. Since absolutely NO ONE took any offense to my post for over a day until the Atriocities showed up, either all 2,000 daily readers are a bunch of whacked-out evangelical Jew-haters or the post was well-understood to be harmless by all. The fact that some 11,000 more visitors than normal came by and less than one hundred people posted, (and less than ten people emailed), indicates that most people understood perfectly well that there was nothing anti-semitic there.

Believe what you like.

And I might add – if you don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks of what you say (code for liberals or people who disagree with you, I’d wager) then you’ve operating a vanity project.

Absolutely, this is nothing but a vanity project which appears solely for my own amusement. If I wanted to make a case for anti-semitism, I would have written a column about it. This blog is just the home for my random thoughts, made in passing. You’d also lose that wager. Almost no one here wanted me to continue beating a certain dead horse into the ground for three weeks, but I did anyhow. Why? Because I felt like it, and that’s the only vote that counts here.

But I sure do appreciate all you would-be thought police.