Mailvox: garbage in, garbage out

WM worries about the poor:

That’s all very nice, but there is some logic to the idea that every child should be a wanted child, isn’t there?

No, there isn’t. Western civilization is dying thanks to that “logic”. Do you really think importing third worlders is going to work in the long term? Here or in Europe?

There is also some logic in not forcing children on the poorest and most vulnerable in our society (the rich will be having abortions at need whether they are legal or not, as always) without providing the means to take care of them.

Yes, because everyone knows how law-abiding the poor are. Wait, I thought poverty caused crime? Anyway, it is one way to get rid of all those disgusting Negroes, isn’t it. Heil Sanger!

Yeah, sure, she shouldn’t have been having unprotected sex in the first place, but it’s a little late for that argument. And of course, conservatives don’t seem to believe in real education about birth control, which doesn’t help matters any.

Teaching children about sex tends to increase sexual activity, surprise, surprise. Why this is controversial puzzles me, since no one denies that teaching a child how to read tends to increase reading activity. By the way, the only place the battle against AIDS in Africa is being won is in Uganda, which is using the much-maligned abstinence approach. Oh, and I’m hardly a conservative. When even Communists are opposing unlimited abortion, the political spectrum becomes fairly useless in discussing the matter.

Forcing women to have children just forces that many further into poverty, and also forces a child to grow up in terrible conditions, often with a mother who is incapable of properly caring for a child.

We could just shoot all the poor people. That would work even better! Plus, they tend to be kind of ugly, too. Everyone wins! Well, everyone who counts, anyhow.

Conservatives love the idea of banning things they don’t like, but don’t always look at the consequences. Before we make such a change, how about we hear about conservatives’ plans to deal with the consequences of such a change. Let’s have an exit plan, please…

This idea that conservatives are the great lovers of social control has become ncreasingly ironic in light of left-liberal attempts to ban every private activity from harboring employee preferences to free speech and smoking. The last I checked, the world was functioning worked before abortion became legal. First world countries were even able to avoid importing third worlders in order to support their massive social infrastructures. I suggest re-reading your economic history and rethinking your assumptions.

Demographics, not democracy, is king.