Mailvox: the dichotomous absurdity

GL points out some logical conclusions:

What an excellent article. I had a very similar thought the other day. What would an biologist conclude regarding a species whose females were either avoiding pregnancy or killing their young. Not much of a future, I guess.

I have another point to make. Western feminism will be the root of its own destruction. I see that some Europeans are using the falling birth rate as a justification for admitting Turkey to the EU. The emigrants from this almost exclusively muslim nation will certainly not support the “rights” of women; quite the contrary I expect. Other western countries will also be forced to admit immigrants from third world nations to cover the collapsing birth rate.

To say the least, most of the immigrants from these nations will not support western liberal democratic ideals: least of all feminism. Feminist ideas can only flourish in a tolerant liberal democracy. Liberal democracy is culturally rooted in a pluralistic history. This cultural tradition is not one shared by any third world nation with a surplus population. Ironically, the feminists are killing very the individuals most likely to absorb and pass on the western liberal traditions: their own children.

Yes, the irony of bringing in Muslims – or even Mexican Catholics – to replace the children not being born to secular feminists and non-feminists influenced by feminist societal trends has not escaped me. Next to post-modernism, feminism is probably the most overtly stupid ideology I’ve ever encountered. Even Marxism at least has the benefit of promising paradise on Earth and DAS KAPITAL is sufficiently dense and difficult to prevent any of the soft-headed sub-geniuses who are liable to fall for Marxism from actually reading it, while Keynesianism works on some levels in the short term.

Feminist writings, on the other hand, promise nothing except some mythical equality with men, as if that’s such a wonderful thing, and are so simplistic that it’s impossible to understand how anyone capable of sounding out the phonics involved can possibly take them seriously.

Feminism is doomed, I’m just hoping that feminism doesn’t manage to take Western civilization down with it.