Mailvox: the merits of long pork

The godfather of the gay rights movement takes exception:

What “homosexual predilection for cannibalism? What on earth are you talking about? And please don’t cite that one case in Germany not long ago. To characterize millions of people by one instance is irrational.

To be sure, a focus on one instance would be irrational. But I’m not simply talking about the proclivities of Armin Miewes, I’m talking about the 340+ responses he received for his ad seeking a man harboring an interest in being butchered. Do you seriously think a heterosexual man would hear from that many women were he to place a similar personal ad? I’m also talking about the GLBT connection to almost half of the most famous serial killers in history, including big names such as Gein, Chikatilo, Fish and Dahmer to less famous small fry like the gay Mexican killer cannibal of two weeks ago. The link between homosexuality and cannibalism is so old that it is even considered a literary device of sorts.

But I don’t see why one would take issue with statistical links when one can simply redefine cannibalism as morally preferable to eating beef or whatever. If one can make a blanket assertion that homosexuality is an inherent good that is healthier and morally superior to sexual normalcy, who is to say that cannibalism isn’t an inherent good as well? More protein than a vegetarian diet, unlike chickens and veal, people are free-range and as the case of Miewes demonstrates, are capable of expressing their desire to be eaten in a way that an animal never can.