Mailvox: Hell and history

rdkraus ponders the point:

So, are all who do not believe in the Way, the Truth and the Life going to Hell?

Uh oh.

Is it not possible to be a good and decent human being and lead a good and decent life without belief in the above?

Yes, it’s very possible. I know a few people who manage it, although I didn’t happen to be one of them. The problem is that those fundamentally good and decent people have no ability to oppose evil, lacking any coherent intellectual rationale for condemning and attacking it. So, even these good and decent unbelievers will find themselves in a Hell that is not of their making if the Christian influence is removed from a society.

If one is lucky, one might find oneself in a place like Japan. More realistically, something like the current Middle East approximates the historical norm. And if one is unlucky, one ends up in something like the People’s Democratic Republic of Kampuchea, the Aztec Empire or the Moloch-worshipping kingdoms of Canaan.

Keep in mind that the technology-blessed society in which we live so comfortably developed from the Christian West, not the pagan East or the Islamic Middle East. The track record of pure secularism as seen in the Communist societies has not been kind to technological development, but admittedly, the secularist philosophy/religion is still new therefore the jury is still out.