XP 2 – FC 0

I finally got my DVD audio working in XP yesterday. Forget drivers and the useless Microsoft Help forums, downloading a trialware copy of WinDVD rewrote over something that wasn’t working and made the OEM version work. Sweet Cthulhu, but I hate this DRM nonsense.

Unfortunately, XINE hasn’t been an option yet, since the issue there isn’t the DVD audio, but an apparent Fedora Core 2 problem supporting the Intel 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC’97 audio controller. Also, despite an apparent fix in XORG.CONF, I haven’t gotten my screen to work at 1680×1050 yet. 1400×1050 and a display that calls itself the 1680×1050 option is as much as I’ve managed so far. It’s pretty annoying since everything is slightly stretched; not so much as to be unusable, just a little vaguely unsettling to the eyes.

Ideas, as always, are appreciated. And no, I’m not switching to SUSE, Mandrake, Ubuntu or anything else until after I get these issues figured out… unless it’s just impossible.