What the girls like

Space Bunny and I watched an interesting show the other night. They were testing the idea that women have a more powerful response to fame than looks, which they did by measuring a woman’s pupil dilation and heart rate. Now, the good-looking guy was only marginally handsome and the famous guy was barely a third-rate celebrity, but the test certainly seemed to work out.

The woman had no reaction whatsoever to the first two guys, the “good-looking” guy and the normal guy. But when the “famous” guy came in, (it wasn’t even him, it was a double and he was easily the least handsome of the men), the woman’s pulse rate went from a resting 68 up to 112 and her pupils dilated significantly.

So, gentlemen, don’t bother working out, dressing well and showering, just do something to get your name out there!