Mailvox: a Celtic complaint

BMW is mildly put out:

A small thing, if you please. I was a bit bothered when in your article you talked about other peoples holidays. And it seemed you picked heavily on the Celts. Were you aware that there are ALOT of Christian Celts? (myself included). Were you aware that at one time there was a Celtic Catholic Church based on the Island of Iona, led by Saint Columba, a student of Saint Patrick? Were you aware that the Celts to this day are a very strongly spiritual people, and are heavily in favor of christianity. Yes, you were relatively accurate with your ‘holiday’ descriptions, but couldn’t you have found a few other cultures to fill out that area? Please? (And yes, in case you weren’t aware, the Celtic Catholic Church eventually was absorbed by the Roman Catholic, but long before that, the Monks of the CCC were firmly in the belief of grace by faith, the Blessed Trinity of God, and the death and resurrection of our Lord for the forgivness of sins. Christian, in the deepest and most proper sense)

I’m just curious to know which of the practices I mentioned were those of the Celtic Catholic Church, the butt-painting, the druid-burning or the sex with strangers at the solstice?

That all sounds rather more Episcopalian to me….